Governor Parnell announces large investment plan for Alaska's oil

Governor Sean Parnell announced plans to move forward with a $60 billion natural gas pipeline.


by Victoria Taylor

ANCHORAGE- Governor Sean Parnell announced plans to move forward with a $60 billion natural gas pipeline.


For decades the state has developed pipelines from the north slope to Valdez.
Friday at the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, Governor parnell announced his decision to push forward with a more progressive project, abandoning a one year old agreement with TransCanada.
"In order to succesfully tackle the multi billion dollar project, the governor is asking for public input and support from the legislation.
"Our proposed legislation would allow DNR to modify certain leases and allow the state to enter into agreements to allow the state to ship gas. The legislation will also vote on moving from a gross net tax to a variable flat tax."
This change would allow certain leases to be paid for with gas.
It could also mean dropping prices Alaskans are currently paying for essentials, like energy.
"Moving forward with an lNG project will not only be viable for the producers, so that they're able to make money off such an expensive project, but also serve Alaskans with more affordable energy," says Rebecca Logan with the Alaska Support Industry Alliance.  
"Theere are always direct and indirect benefits, you know our contractors get hired, and they hire people to work on a project of that scale and they're hired for a certain skill and pauid very well and the multiplier scale for that is huge."
The governor makes it very clear this is a project he is behind one hundred percent.
"Bottom line: we will have an investment quality project."
A project and plan he says will move the state forward on it's own terms.
The final hope for the project is to put more of the state's natural resources in the hands of her people.     
Governor Parnell says the next four months will be crucial in developing the project, durng which time he is asking for the public's input as he seeks legislative approval.