Groundbreaking HIV medication released in May


by Derek Smith

Anchorage, AK             There are a few ways to prevent HIV. One is to never have sex. Another approach, use protection. The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services say people are still unwilling.

    "Even though it's not a death sentence, there is still the problem of transmitting the infection," Susan Jones from the Alaska Health Department, Section of Epidemiology says.

     In 20-13, twenty-four cases of HIV were reported to Alaska's Section of Epidemiology. So far for 20-14 cases, there have been twenty-three new cases of HIV infection reported.
     A spike on it's way to doubling, even tripling it's numbers that has health officials saying something has to change.

      "Already we are at last years numbers,  and because of that, we are trying to get the word out to professionals and folks at risk what we are seeing in this spike of HIV cases. And hopefully try to reduce any new cases and avoid any new cases," Jones says. 

The time has come, in the form of a small blue pill.