Putting the murder of Aylett Hanson back on the radar

Group works to find clues


by Mike Ford

It was January 23rd when Aylett Hanson was found dead inside his vehicle in a parking lot at the 2600 block of Spenard road.
Police say they have run short of leads to find the person responsible for his death.One group of concerned  citizens has  stepped up to help them. "Seeking Alaskas Missing"  took up the job Saturday of putting fliers around that very neighborhood. The group works in the hopes of breaking the case and giving the Hanson family some closure.If you have any information on Aylett Hansons murder call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 561-STOP. If you would like to help the group "Seeking Alaskas Missing" connect with us.www.facebook.com/SeekingAlaskasMissing