How JBER helps those with mental health issues


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it's a mental health issue that is plagueing the US military and more recently could be the cause of a tragic even in Central Texas.

Officials say members of the military are presented with some very difficult tasks and are kepty away from their families for long periods of time.

That's why doctors on JBER put them through a screening process as soon as they come back from deployment.

"It entails sitting down with a provider. They'll ask some various questions of any problems they might have had or any concerns they might be having," Lieutenant Colonel David Cordry.

The screening allows medical personall to determine if a soldier is suffering from PTSD and what treatment should be reccommended.

"They might experience nightmares, or recurring thoughts of a traumatic event, they frequently will have some anxiety and will most likely be startled easily, sometimes they will have a hard time feeling they might feel a little bit cut off from family members," Lieutenant Colonel Cordry.

Anyone suffering from these symptoms is offered treatment services to teach them how to cope or manage their symptoms.

But sometimes, as Lieutenant Colonel Cordry says violence is a hard thing to predict.

"However, we do always assess for if someone is having thoughts about hurting themselves or hurting other people it's a big part of a safety assessment and then we take time to mitigate that," Lieutenant Colonel Cordry.

Lieutenant Colonel Cordry also says JBER is well equipped to meet the needs of the community, and having these procedures in place are of huge importance.

"We want to do everything we can to help them recover and do well, and we also want to do prevention to try to help them and their families stay ready and resilient to meet the mission," Lieutenant Colonel Cordry.

The vigilence message is something also emphasized at JBER to try and help those suffering from any mental health issue.

All of these steps are precautionary measures to try and prevent tragedies like the on at Fort Hood.