Iditarod HQ


by Derek Smith

 ANCHORAGE, Ak--With the Iditarod just four days away, Anchorage Millenium Hotel becomes the Iditarod headquarters. 

 "Iditarod draws people from all over the world, all around Alaska, and the Millennium has been the focal point of iditarod history for the last 27 years," Governor of Alaska Sean Parnell says. 
The Iditarod and their headquarters would not be celebrating  another highly anticipated year if it wasn't for one hard working group, the Iditarod volunteers. 
"The most important thing is that we could not do this race without it's volunteers. Thery're a huge part of this and we really enjoy them giving their time and their expense to help them put on this race," Volunteer coordinator Sally Smith says. 
According to sally smith, folks from around the world come to Alaska to participate in the "Last Great Race." She says volunteering is fun and easy. So I decided to take part.  
This is an offical Iditard volunteer release form. Atleast 1200 people  will be signing this paper during the whole week. 
Once you complete the form, it only becomes official when you receive your proper credentials, your Iditarod badge.  
"We have people come in and the Iditarod likes to have an original release form. This lets us know they signed in. If they need help finding their position or coord, we assist them in anything they do," Smith says. 
If experiencing what's considered "The Greatest Dog Race" isn't enough, volunteers also receive free food coupons, a hat, and of course your badge. 
"This job is a lot of fun. You get to meet people from South Africa, Australia, Norway. That's the fun part.  We get to meet new people and they use their own expense to be apart of the great race," Smith says. 
With the race becoming increasingly competitive over the years, so has the need for volunteers.