Iditarod Mushers Leave from Willow


by Jessica Gruenling

It was a day of high anticipation and excitement as mushers set off for Nome in the 42nd edition of the last great race. 

"Kind of excited, butterflies to the stomach, Newton Marshall, Iditarod Musher."

"It’s kind of tiring watching all the other teams go, it’s kind of like just let me go just let me go, Danny Seavey, Iditarod Musher. 

Before they could take their positions at the start line a last few minute preparations had to be made.

"There’s all the mandatory gear, the ax, the cooker, snow shoes, sleeping bag. The extra stuff I’m going to camp before I get to Squinta, so I have about forty pounds of dog food, Seavey."

With the warmer weather some adjustments had to be made.