Justin Wollam memorial dedication ceremony


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE, AK --  july 9th 2001. 

     to some the date doesn't mean much. 
     but to the wollam family and anchorage law enforcement it's a day of tragety.
justin wollam was undisputibily good. the young driver of the vehicle was
disputibily bad at least that night
     reports of a dunk and reckless driver leaving anchorage sent justin todd wollam inbound on the glenn highway.
     the suspect deliberately collided head-on to officer wollam's vehicle and four lives were taken.
justin wollam tried to stop such a tragiety... it didn't work. with this
memorial we will honor thank and reward and recognize his true servant
     thirteen years later - it's hard to forget.
"we remember the ultimate sacrifice made by this dedicated public servant
while protecting the community from a serious threat to it's safety."
     a memorial dedication ceremony was held in the spot of the collision tuesday.
     as family members layed roses for wollan, they remember how caring he was.
not just a job. the way he was able to share himself was caring in ways to
the many people in the communities."
     and thank the community for supporting them through rough times.
we lost a loved one but have found a home in the big hearts of you all and
have gained a very large family in the support you have given to us for
     so that when people travel by this memeorial they think of the consequences of drunk driving.