Local Greenhouse all organic


by Derek Smith

 Anchorage, AK-- For Mile 5.2 Greenhouse, it's no wonder why the majority of their customers are from Anchorage. 

     "Because it's all organic," Employee Vadim Izer says.
     The Eagle River, temperature controlled facility offers a variety of chemical-free fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 
     But what they're most known for might come to you as a rarity. 
     "Where else can you go in Alaska to find a lemon trees. That's pretty cool;  pineapple trees, fig trees, lime trees, you can't find that any where else," Izer says.  
     Trees they say you won't find at your local Walmart. And maybe that's what prompts Anchorage locals to make the trip. 
     "We have people coming in here asking us why is this plant from Walmart dying. Well, because you bought it at Walmart, its not from here," Izer says. 
     Another reason why the owner Dale believes his greenhouse separates him from the rest, comes in the form of an insect. 
     He releases lady bugs and parasitic wasps to take care of the bad bugs. 
     That tip right there avoids using any pesticides. 
     "You are not going to get diseases. Everything is high quality. It's Nothing you can be harmed by, it's all organic, it's fresh," Izer says. 
     Maybe it comes at no surprise, but going green or going home couldn't be a truer.
      "You'll notice it later in life, it will make you feel better, make you look better, and be better," Izer says. 
     Not only does Mile 5.2  say they are known for their customer service, but they are giving the words fresh and healthy new meanings.