Orion Elementary raises money for the American Heart Association


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- This school year Orion Elementary participated in its first Jump fo Heart event raising more than 5,000 dollars and saving 163 lives. 

"I was really surprised and touched by the generosity of the kids and the families here," Jenna White, PE teacher, Orion Elementary.
Jum for Heart teachers kids to give back to their community and they also learn how to be heart healty. 
"We are in a huge huge downfall of obesity and children being overweight and choosing to sit and watch tv instead of being active. These programs are free for schools we go in and teach kids how to be heart healthy by eating healthy, choosing to be physically active, and not to smoke," Sunni Danielowski, Youth Market Director, American Heart Association. 
Sunni says she's trying to break the myth that students need to run or be part of a sports team to be physically active.  
"Go play tag, play hide and seek in the dark, go and have fun, do something you love that makes your heart race. I really want students to know that," Danielowski.
Of course choosing the right snacks helps as well. 
"I want them to go and make the choice that I'm not going to eat doritos right now because broccoli and carrots in the drawer they taste really good and they're healthy for me," Danielowski.
The students also visit neighbors and friends asking for help to raise money for somone with a sick heart.