Police continue search for missing Kenai family


by Jessica Gruenling

KENAI,Ak-  It's been almost two weeks and the search continues for 22-year-old Rebecca Adams, her two daughters Michelle and Jaracca Hundley, and her boyfriend Brandon Jividen.

"It looks like they just vanished during breakfast the landlord said their food was still on the table and the counters and their jackets were on the back of the chairs, Becca's wallet with her ID and food stamp card there was a a cellphone and everything," Desiree Guillam, Neighbor. 

They were discovered missing form their Kenai apartment on May 31st.

Police have now found surveillance footage, which shows the last physical evidence of them on May 18.

"We realize the family has disclosed conversation with her after May 18 with in a week or so but a local business here in Kenai we were able to retrieve surveillance footage that shows Rebecca and the two girls," Gus Sandal, Police Chief, Kenai Police Department.

The mysterious disappearance of the family has residents of the neighborhood concerned.

 "Everybody's shook up. I usually let my kids go outside and run and play and watch them through the window, and now I don't want them outside where I can't be in arms reach," Guillam.

And Guillam says the disappearance of Rebecca is extremely out of character.

 "She is way responsible, she's a really really good mom, she puts her kids first all the time," Giullam.

So far the case still has no specific leads, but the search has expanded into wooded areas past the neighborhood.

Local police officers along with the FBI and State Troopers continue their search and urge everyone to contact local law enforcement with any information you may have.