Propostion 3 so far a no go.


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- Of the nine propositions on the ballot, only proposition three is causing some controversy.

Proposition three asks tax payers for about 5.5 milliong dollars for improving, the loussac library, relocating Mulcahy Stadium, and safety improvements to City Hall.

"It would mean reparing capital project within the community.  A big one is 2.7 million dollars to repair the library it's much needed money and that's the biggest one on the bond proposition," Elvi Gray-Jackson, Anchorage Assembly Member."

As to why the library is in dire need of the money, Gray-Jackson had this to say. 

"I mean there are a lot of renovations that really need to happen I mean the front door was falling down and being held together by two by fours," Gray-Jackson.

With Loussac Library being top priority on the bond, Gray-Jackson says shes unsure as to why the slim majority has voted no. 

"The only thing I can think because usually they respond to capital improvements parks are the ones that we've kept our fingers crossed. There was a lot of controversy with the tennis court issue, and I'm thinking that maybe some citizens with in our community feel like we don't support libraries," Gray-Jackson. 

The Assembly is also has a ten million dollar bond request for library fixes at the State Legislature.

With the current race leaning towards "no", members feel it could negatively effect their legislative request.

"If we don't get this and we don't get that. Its going to be really troubling. Our library is part of Project 80s and there is a lot of need renovations that really need to happen, so im keeping my fingers crossed that atleast the the 2.75 bond will pass.I'm also hoping that our legislature will really see the need and provide the ten million dollars," Gray-Jackson.

As Gray-Jackson says we need to maintain the infrastructure in the community, whether it be through tax payers or finding other ways to provide sustainable funding.

Other places Proposition three would improve are the Chester Creek Sports Center parking lot and the Anchorage Golf Course.