Seventeen year old destroys organization


by Derek Smith

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- "But these staff members, they forked their little hearts out and to walk in here and see their families pictures that have been smashed, their hearts and souls and it's damaged and it's broken. Thats' devastating," President of the board of Muscular Dystrophy Kristin George says. 

 Employees of the Muscular Dystrophy of Alaska are picking up the pieces Monday from what the Anchorage Police Department is calling one of the worst burglaries they've seen in years. 
"Our officers who responded, processed through the scene, many of them who worked here more than a dozen years say this is the worst burglary scene they've ever seen," Communication Director of APD Jennifer Castro says. 
Communication coordinator Jennifer Castro says a seventeen year old male chose the organization at random around 10 am Sunday.     
    They say he destroyed everything he touched. Electronics, valuable papers, even family photos were all causalities in his path of destruction.
"Definitely a senseless act. Definitely impacting an important organization in our community that's done so much and it's unfortunate they were the victims of the crime," Castro says. 
One source says the suspect was incoherent when found.
But police wouldn't release the details of his condition.                                                            
 We do know he cut himself during the process. 
  However,  that didn't stop his terroristic acts. 
  Kristin George says it's not what happens to you that defines you, it's how you respond. 
 "That's anchorage. Don't look at the damage. Don't look at what happen. Look at what we are giong to do with it. Its nice that Anchorage says we just want to help you or we just want to give back and that is a blessing. It's overwhelming, " George says. 
   The suspect's name because of his age has not been released.
    He's currently being held at the McLaughlin Center.