Small plane makes emergency landing on Anchorage road

A small plane has landed on Boniface between Debarr and Northern Lights.


by Your Alaska Link News Team

ANCHORAGE- A small plane has made an emergency landing on Boniface Parkway.

According to APD Lt. Mark Thelen, the Cessna 172RG Cutlass took off from Merrill Field just before 1 pm, and immediately began experiencing engine difficulties. 

"They elected then at that point to follow Boniface up because it's a straight road up to Elmendorf, and set it down there for an emergency landing. As they were headed that way, they just got to the point where they couldn't keep it in the air any longer, got a break in traffic, and decided to try to set it down."

NTSB is investigating the cause of the crash. Police are assisting with transporting the small plane back to Merrill Field. 

Until the plane is moved, lanes heading in both directions on Boniface are closed, and the Municipality of Anchorage has suggested alternate routes for those traveling in the area.

The Cessna was carrying two passengers and pilot, but no injuries were reported for them or vehicles in the area during the incident.