Three Engineering Companies Deactivated at JBER


by Marissa Silver

 Anchorage, AK - Some units on JBER were switched from active to inactive Thursday during a deactivation ceremony. 

 "Today we inactivated the 56 Engineer Company the 2-d Engineer Detachment and the 84th Engineer Support Company as part of the Army restructuring," said  Executive Officer Aaron Mallory with the 56th Engineer Company.
"The Army is re-shifting where they want to put their assets, so our units downsizing," Captain Kathryn Herman with the 56 Engineer Company said.
Meaning the engineering resources at JBER will be shrinking, however...
"They will still have the capabilities, but they will not have the vertical capability that my company provided, that's going away," said Captain Herman.
And while this ceremony may signal the end of these Companies, many of the soldiers will be moving on to other places within the military.
"They're going to Fort Lewis, Washington, Fort Hood, Texas, Fort Knox, Kentucky and also Fort Stewart, Georgia," Captain Herman said.
Even though the units are being deactivated, not all of the soldiers are leaving Alaska, some will even stay here and continue doing their jobs.
"My tour here is three years, so I'll serve my entire tour," said Mallory. "I'm happy that I get to stay here because I actually chose to come up here as part of when I graduated from school and so the opportunity to stay here is awesome."
"It was a pleasure serving with these amazing soldiers," Captain Herman said.
In total about 370 soldiers were deactivated at JBER.