Thursday's Hometown Hero

Your Alaska Link would like to recognize local hometown heroes!


by Brooks Putman

Thursday's Hometown Hero is Captain Patrick Billman, an engineer officer assigned to 2D Engineer Brigade.

Captain Billman trained in engineering at Rutgers University and in Engineering Management at the Missouri University of Sciene and Technology.

He says he loves being outdoors, riding all-terrain vehicles, and spending time with his friends and family.

Patrick has been stationed in Alaska for the past 3 years and deployed to Afghanistan as the commander of the 23rd Sapper Company from the 6th Engineer Battalion.

While deployed to Afghanistan, Captain Billman's Sappers cleared roads of hidden explosives and put their lives on the line every day to protect their fellow soldiers from being killed by roadside bombs. Even though the mission was dangerous, Captain Billman and every one of his Sappers made it back home alive.

Your Alaska Link's news team and production crew would like to say thank you to Captain Billman (and his Sappers) for all his bravery and all the many sacrifices he continues to make for our country.