Transportation Safety Administration Improves Juneau Screening

New scanner will help keep flights on time


by Mike Ford

The next time you travel through Juneau you may notice the screening lines moving a bit faster.

With the Transportation Safety Administration added another CT-80 scanner this week doubling the capacity for screening at the capitol city airport.

The TSA is tasked by congress to scan all bags for explosives. The scanners placed in Juneau now bring an extra added measure of assurance as passengers through the screening process quicker.

TSA spokesperson Lorie Danckers predicts the move will be very beneficial for travelers in Southeast. "This is especially critical in Juneau " Dankers said "Where there's periods of the day, especially early in the morning, where you'll have three four or five flights leaving in a short period of time and your looking at hundreds of bags that need to be screened"

The system being used in Juneau is comparable to other rural airports in Bethel, Kodiak, Sitka and Ketchikan.