Turnagain Elementary Celebrates Dr. Seuss


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- From alaska to Florida people did say. Have you read a book today? It's a day to celebrate the legend dr. seuss in Read Across America Day. 

Students at Turnagain Elementary were treated to guest readers from West High School's National Honor Society in celebration of Dr. Seuss's 110th birthday.

"So as part of Dr. Suess's birthday we like to help kids recognized how important reading is there in their life as part of our community we like to go and volunteer and help out at elementary schools.
kindergarten through sixth grade listened to stories from green eggs and ham to yertle the turtle
it's really fun to see their eyes light up when you read a story that they recognize, Connor Peterson, West High School."

In order to honor the legend properly the West High School students first needed to take lessons.

"We sat with our librarian and she taught us how to interact with the kids and in what voice to read to the kids, Peterson."

The day also stresses the importance reading has on children's futures.

"I think one of the biggest things is showing that reading can be fun that it's not work but that its fun. the more the students enjoy reading the better it gets. the more you read the more you succeed, Laura Guest, Turnagain Librarian."

From book recitations, to making hats, and creating their own rhymes students enjoyed a full day of Seuss education.