UAA Suspending Chemistry Track


by Jessica Gruenling

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- An interest in biochemsitry is picking up for studnets in colleges across the country, but also means that schools are getting rid of their general chemistry tracks. 

UAA currently offers a major in chemistry with two tracks, one in chemistry and one in biochemistry. 
Of the 95 students in the chemistry program only three are in the chemistry track
With lack of interest the general chemistry track is being suspended. John Stalvey, the Dean of the College of Arts and Science, says there are too few students to warrant resources being allocated to that. 
"This is something that is a general trend in institutions. And we're trying to meet the needs of our students, John Stalvey, Dean of the College of Arts and Science."  
Patricia Linton, the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Science says students were upset, but understanding. 
The University will still facilitate these three students to make sure they graduate on time.