U.S. Department of Agriculture officials pay visit to Alaska

Agency announces a second strikeforce initiative area.


by Mike Ford

ANCHORAGE- Max Finberg, U,S. Department of Agriculture StrikeForce National Coordinator announced Wednesday that western and interior Alaska would now be a StrikeForce area for the USDA.

Southeast Alaska was designated a StrikeForce area in 2013.

"Through StrikeForce, we are able to reach people in rural areas in innovative ways and bring resources to them directly,"said Finberg.

According to Finberg the primary goal of the StrikeForce initiative is to increase partnership with rural communities and leverage community resources in targeted, persistent poverty areas.

Finberg is touring the StrikeForce area this week with Patrice Kunesh, USDA Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development. The goal of the trip is to gain a better understanding of the needs of rural Alaskans.

To find more information on the USDA's StrikeForce Initiative, connect with us usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome