Banker wins 2014 Chevy


ANCHORAGE, Ak-- Five contestants lined up thursday for their chance to win a 2014 chevrolet equinox. but only one driver gets todrives off with one.

United Way and Alaska Sales and Service conjured up an idea to incentivize patrons to donate more.
 "This year we wanted to really help out and worked really close together and come up with another way to drive new donors,"  General Manager Shaun Pfieffer of Alaska Sales and Service says.

     The idea clicked like a seatbelt with donations exceeding over seven million dollars in just nine months.

     "It was very exciting, a lot of energy, and it feels good. United Way is a phenomenal charity and we really believe in helping those in need and it all worked out. It's a very good relationship," Pfieffer says.     

  Five keys, five participants, one functional engine. The finalist with the lucky key takes home the 2014 chevy. She is a banker, and a giver. And you can bank that she will not stop giving.

"I've always been that kind of person throughout my whole life who always wanted to help others out," Cheri White, winner of the 2014 Chevrolet Equinox.

After realizing her generosity paid off, she blew a head gasket.

"I couldn't turn the key. That's why mine wouldn't start at first. I was so nervous and I said wait, I gotta turn the key and when it started I was like, YES.," White says. 

The road map to success all starts with the support of your community. United Way assures events like these will drive away poverty for families in need.