University of Alaska's first student funded endowment


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 ANCHORAGE--The Clay Body Club at UAA marks a mkilestone Wednesday.

The student run organization has proven to be successful in their bi-annual pottery sales, they are putting 40 percent of their revenue to their ceramics endowment.

"A lot of the students are struggling," said Steve Godfrey. "They are trying to pay off their education, and to do a workshop like this can run anywhere from one thousand to two thousand dollars."

Godfrey, a UAA ceramics professor is talking about workshops that the Clay Body Club funds.

"I think for many of the students going to these conferences and taking workshops either here or outside have been life changing."

Clay body Club is a student run organization, and each year they run pottery sales. It's revenue brings artists up to teach students and it also allows for travel every year.

Student Club President, Bill Jamison added, "Last year we went up to Fairbanks, to UAF, to see a visiting artist up there."

Wednesday, the Club created the first endowment fully funded by the students.

It's goal: to raise 25 thousand dollars. 

"When steve suggested that clay body award I think that we had pretty unanimous support for that," said Jamison. "We have had a lot of success for our sales, so we wanted to keep that going and invest in the future."