Valley supports fire fighters in the Funny River fire.


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

ANCHORAGE-- While the fire is taking place in Soldotna, workers back in Palmer are supporting them. 

Geffery Lisa Charvet, an Emergency Fire Fighter says she plays an important part at the wearhouse where she tests the compression of each hose.

"Being on the support end of things," Charvet said, "obviously is so just as important."
With a fire this large, it requires a plethora of workers from not only the fire fighters that you see on the line, but workers at wearhouses no where neer the fire.
Division of Forestry Information Officer, Sarah Saarloos says they recieved help from jets from Alberta, Canada.
"With the ships that we have from Canada," said Saarloss. "We have an agreement with Canada it's called the Northwest Compac, and that's where we can share resources."
Stationed in Palmer are the CL215s which help with efficient fire control.
Saarloos adds, "they are able to do quick turn-a-rounds, scooping water, getting water to the fire lines." 
She says what people don't realize is that the fire fighters onthe ground have to work arond the clock and live out near the fire. 
Saarloos says it's like "extreme camping with a purpose," and the Dividion of Forestry supplies them with the necessary means for survival and for their job.