Want a cheap movie? Head to Kodiak

If you want a cheap movie, head to Kodiak

Orpheum Theatre, Kodiak, AK.


by Associated Press

KODIAK - If you want a cheap movie, you might want to head to Kodiak.
The city used to be the sixth cheapest in the nation when it comes to movie ticket prices. Unfortunately, the local theater recently raised its prices, so it's still cheaper than New York and Chicago, but a lot more than $5 a ticket.
The ranking comes from a survey by the Council for Community and Economic Research, which were published Monday on the consumer economics website NerdWallet.
The survey looked at last year's prices for the cost of a movie ticket on a Saturday night in 300 cities. The cheapest ticket was in Paris, Texas, with an average price of less than $5. Kodiak was in sixth place in 2012 with an average ticket price of $5.67.
New York topped the list with an average Saturday night ticket price of $13.33. Miami and Los Angeles weren't too far behind.