Wildfire got to Within a Half-Mile of Lime Village

The state's biggest wildfire at one point came to within a half mile of Lime Village


by Associated Press

ANCHORAGE - Mapping revealed the state's biggest wildfire to be larger than officials predicted, but a widening fire break has put one village out of danger.
Alaska Division of Forestry spokesman Francis Mitchell says the Lime Hills fire was about 205 square miles on Saturday.
No one has been injured and no buildings have been lost in the 131,723-acre fire that was started by lightning May 31.
The fire at one point came to within a half mile of Lime Village, located about 185 miles west of Anchorage, whose 27 residents live a subsistence lifestyle.
Mitchell says the fire break separating the village from the wildfire is about one mile wide.
Mitchell says the fire is growing, but in a limited suppression area, meaning resources usually wouldn't be dedicated to fighting it.