Wood Bison Will Roam Alaska

After more than 100 years Wood Bison return


by Mike Ford

Great news for fans of Alaska's Wood Bison herd. Wednesday the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service authorized the re-introduction of this one indigenous Alaskan animal to roam across its historical range.

Historically the wood bison ranged throughout the northwestern provinces of Canada and into interior Alaska.

Wood bison were last seen in Alaska in the early 1900's and there are no free-ranging herds today in Alaska or elsewhere in the United States.

The reintroduction of wood bison will restore a key indigenous grazing animal to the northern ecosystem, restore biological and habitat diversity and natural processes as well as enhancing subsistence opportunities

Wednesdays decision comes with a number of land management exemptions, providing assurances that establishment of these herds will not have unintended consequences for the state, private landowners,industry or Alaskan natives.