Yoga just not for women


by Derek Smith

ANCHORAGE, Ak-- When guys get together, they usually go have a drink, watch football, or even shoot a game of pool. But on Monday, a group of guys were spotted in one room doing none of those things. Instead, they were taking Yoga.

"The idea always didn't sound that good to me. I put it off, and finally I tried it and I came here. Been doing it for three months, now its really helping me, " Dan Knop, Electrical Engineer of Anchorage says.

Dan Knops, who works for an electrical engineer firm, had back surgery a few years ago. He says yoga was all the medicine he needed. 

"I feel like I have a stronger base. My core is stronger than it's been in a long time. I don't wake up feeling bad," Knop says.

     The truth about Yoga is it's not just a physically demanding activity,
     it was originally used for a healing modality.
"We think our practice is to heal the body. Exercise is a byproduct of working hard, but in a non- punishing way. You can work this hard, you can build strength," Yoga fitness instructor Rick Resnick says.

     Rick also comes from a background of surgeries. He too was hesitant about taking yoga.
"My very first class my sister dragged me into I didn't want to go," Resnick says.

But very quickly after feeling the mental and physical benefits, Rick says he's never felt better.

 "This is fantastic, but very quickly I found out what it would do to me, and that became very secondary to the benefits. I felt physically and mentally, it is hard work," Resnick says.

If there is one thing Anchorage Yoga wants to share, it's that Yoga doesn't genderize.

"We are an intense practice. we are here for everybody," says Resnick.