Young Anchorage girl wins National Scholarship


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

ANCHORAGE --9-year-old Grace Rennard is the local recipient for the Kohl's Cares Scholarship for making a positive impact on the Anchorage community.

Rennard has been interested in Celiac disease since she was eight and received a grant to conduct research.

After testing 133 people in the community, Rennard has learned about the importance of people who are gluten free.

"I am happy that 6 people were able to find out they were diagnosed from my research," said Rennard.

Rennard's research has helped her neighbor become healthy after she found out she was diagnosed.

Rennard received $1,000 from Kohl's Care which will be directly added to whichever university she attends in the future.

She is qualified to receive up to t$10,000 for the national prize.