Todd Tix Takes The Stand

Todd Tix offered testimony in his defense. Tix has been accused of shooting his friend Terry Tumbleson to death back in February 2007. File photo, Alaska Superstation ABC®.

by Jamey Kirk

The trial of Todd Tix continued Tuesday, with the defendant taking the stand. Tix told jurors he shot his friend in self defense, as he believed Terry Tumbleson was reaching for a gun.

Tix informed the court that he went to Tumbleson's home to fix a situation. He said that he thought Tumbleson was going to take custody of his own son, a child birthed by Tix's girlfriend. Tix told jurors he believed Tumbleson to be maintaining an affair with his girlfriend.

According to Tix, he always armed himself when visiting Tumbleson's home, claiming that Tumbleson was a drug dealer. The Tumbleson family told ABC Alaska News that that statement is untrue.

Tix initiated the fight that led to Tumbleson's shooting. Tix said he saw Tumbleson reach down to what he thought was a gun. Several shots were fired by Tix, who admitted to shooting Tumbleson in the right and left legs, and groin. "It happened extremely fast. The shots I fired...I just couldn't see killing somebody."

Tumbleson's family said the trail has been bittersweet, "It's horrible to see loved ones with bullet wounds on them. Especially since this was an unnecessary murder. But we are holding up well."

The day's proceedings wrapped up with the jury adjourning to deliberate. A verdict should be released sometime Wednesday.