8.2 Earthquake Strikes off Coast of Chile

Courtesy NOAA


by Ryan Overton

Around 3:46PM this afternoon a 8.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Chile and Peru coastline. There was cause for concern here in Alaska as a Tsunami was triggered. However, after further evaluation there is NO threat to Alaska, the Western United States or British Columbia.



Hawaii however, is still being evalutated by the Tsunami Warning Center.


The earthquake triggere about 60 miles northwest of Iquique at a depth of 12.5 miles below the surface. Tsunami sensors were triggered after the earthquake causing evacuations up and down the coast lines of Peru and Chile.


Near the city of Iquique a 7 foot tsunami wave was reported and other areas reported waves of roughly 6 feet. There has been no report of injuries and so far damage has included the air traffic control tower at the local airport.



So far several aftershocks have struck the area with one aftershock of a magnatude 6.2 has been recorded. We will post more information as it becomes available.