A man is arrested after a high speed chase through the Whittier Tunnel


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 WHITTIER, AK --Troopers say 22-year old Tyler Arndt was jailed after a handful of charges Sundayy.

Alaska State Troopers performed a traffic stop in Girdwood near Mile 73 on the Seward Highway for an equiptment violation.

The driver provided troopers with a false name and was later identified.

Arndt fled northbound in speeds of one hundred and ten miles per hour, continued on to the Portage Highway and the Whittier Tunnel.

Arndt led troopers into oncoming traffic and used emergency turnouts to pass vehicles, and eventually side swiped a black Cadillac SUV while trying to pass.

Troopers say Arndt abondoned his vehicle where he was eventually captured hiding behind a portable restroom at the end of the tunnel.

He has multiple charges including reckless driving, motor vehicle collisson and two counts of assault in the third degree.

No one was hurt at the scene.