Alaska National Guardsmen Compete to See Who is the Best


by Marissa Silver

Anchorage, AK -  Alaska National Guardsmen competed in 14 events in just 3 days this weekend to determine which one is the Best Warrior.

The events tested both the Guardsmens' physical and mental toughness.
Exercises included a written test, a casualty evacuation and a live-fire weapons drill.
"This is a big deal because these are citizen soldiers, so they are just like everyday people, they have jobs, they might be working at the gas station or at your grocery store and then they come here and represent their country," said Sgt. Michael Nelson who was an Instructor for the Best Warrior Competition.
"To me it's kind of an honor to be considered if not chosen to be one of the best soldiers in the Alaska Army National Guard, to compete in such an event," Sgt. Timothy Mathews who was a Participant in the Best Warrior Competition said.
The top two finishers will go on to the Regional competition.