Anchorage Park Receives New Treehouse Style Playground


by Marissa Silver

Anchorage, AK - A community's request for a natural play space for their children has come true.

A new treehouse playground was opened at Stephenson Park on Saturday.

And volunteers showed up to get the area ready by planting new trees, trimming back old ones and painting the parking barriers.

"The neighbors of Stephenson Park chose the design and so they were really excited to get something natural in a place that used to be just an open space, but now it's a place for active play, with appropriate fall surfacing so they're very excited to have a natural play space that is very fun," said Beth Nordlund who is the Executive Director for the Anchorage Park Foundation.

The new playground was made possible by $200,000 in donations from the Rasmuson Foundation and the Alaska State Legislature.