Audit Show Alaskan Veterans Doing Well With VA Visits

Alaskan Vets Doing Better Than Lower 48 Counterparts


by Mike Ford

A newly released federal audit shows the vast majority of appointments were scheduled within 14 days at the Alaska Veterans Health Care System in Anchorage.

Results of the Department of Veterans Affairs audit were released Monday, and follow reports of alleged problems, including delayed medical care, at VA facilities around the country.

In Alaska, the audit looked only at the Anchorage facility, whose services, according to its website, include primary, specialty and mental health outpatient care.

The Alaskan congressional delegation weighed in Senator Lisa Murkowski said "Not only must we maintain these positive response times, we must make sure that our day-in, day-out commitment to those who served is achieved and sustained" and Senator Mark Begich added "While there is still work to do, today's numbers reflect great improvement in the performance of the AK VA in recent years and point to Alaska as a model for successful programs that can be implemented in other states."

Of nearly 6,300 appointments scheduled, 6,050 were made within 14 days.

The audit found nearly there were nearly 40 new patients for whom appointments could not be scheduled in 90 days or less. The average wait time for new patients to receive primary care was about 29 days.