Convicted killer Joshua Wade claims responsibility for three additional murder


by Pearl-Grace Rasmmussen

 ANCHORAGE -- He had been convicted of carjacking and killing Mindy Schloss in 2009, and admitted to murdering Della Brown in 2000.

After only serving only a fraction of his life sentence, Joshua Wade has claimed the responsibility of ending three additional lives.

"He had now confessed to three additional homocides," said Mark Mew, Chief of Police. "we are going to investigate all of those. We are going to have to look into them to see if they occurred like he said they did."

In February of this year Wade, the state and federal law enforcement agreed that in exchange for a prison transfer outside Alaska,  Wade would provide information about three murders he says he committed.

"If there are unsolved homicides we always want to bring closure for those families," added FBI Special Agent Deir Drefike. "The ability to do that is worth the effort to put into the investigations to continue to work jointly."

Wade told APD and the FBI that he killed 38-year-old John Michael Martin in 1994, 30-year-old Henery Ongtowasruk in 1999, and an unidentified man the same night he murdered Della Brown.

Sergeant Salomir Markiewicz adds, "again the investigation is pending. We have to try our best to work with what we have learned from Mr. Wade and compare that with the evidence that we mantained in this case."

Corrections officials at a press conference Friday morning offered only a few details on Wade's claims.

However, they say he will remain in prison for the rest of his life regardless of where he is located at.

"My bottom line on Mr. Wade is I think we all want to do everything we can to make sure he takes his last breath in a cage," said Assistant Attorney General John Novak. "and doesn't kill any body again."