Name of helicopter pilot killed in crash released

NTSB to start next phase of investigation


by Mike Ford

Anchorage police have released the name of the pilot of a helicopter that crashed at the Birchwood Airport in Chugiak.

Police say the pilot was 62-year-old Thomas Moore of Anchorage.

Moore was flying a Robinson R-44 Wednesday afternoon when the aircraft crashed and became engulfed in flames. A bystander was taken to a hospital for treatment of burns sustained while he was trying to rescue Moore.

The bystander's name has not been released.

According to Clint Johnson with the National Transportation Safety Board They will now be joined by the manufacturer of both the helicopter and the crafts engine for a closer inspection of the debris at a secure location in Wasilla. "That's scheduled to take place very early next week in a safe secure location in Wasilla and hopefully we'll be able to look at the wreckage in a much more of a laboratory type of environment"