Human Bees Make their Mark in the Last Frontier


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE - A local family owned business is serving up something sweet, and it's made by humans; not bees.

It's kid tested and mother approved. Although it looks, smells and feels like honey it's not made by bees.

Family owned and operated; Jonesers Alaska has found a way to harvest the tasty stuff by hand and because of that they call it nectar.

"We go out and wild harvest all the local flowers, pollen, and flower blossoms just like the bee does," said Gail Jones, Owner of Jonesers Alaska. "We take it back and we spin it into the creation of the hand made nectar.

This award winning nectar is more than just pollen and flowers the Jonesers have taken a walk on the wild side and can extract nectar from just about anything.

"We started doing flowers and berries then we realized how much natural resources the state of Alaska had,"said Jones.

From ginger root to mushrooms the company has won a number of awards for the sweet lava. There are over fifty flavors of nectar and tea pairings and the owners say it has healing power.

"We have a lot of people come to us to help with their allergies because we pick within the 200 mile radius," she said.

So whether it's their fireweed nectar or their Chaga mushroom tea your taste buds are sure to find a flavor that you just cant live without.

You can catch the Jonesers at the sears mall farmers market or at the Anchorage Saturday market downtown.