JBER military police get a taste of the taser


ANCHORAGE - The old saying goes, "you don't know until you try." At least that's the sentiment on JBER when it comes to training their military police.

A normal day for these men and women as they fall into line and prepare for class only Wednesday their getting a little more hands on then usual.

"Everyone is a little hesitant but if you've done it before you kind of know what to expect," said team leader; Casey Raines.

He's talking about getting tased by an X-26 taser, that means 50 thousand volts of pure electricity. And all of these soldiers have to get in line - even though it hurts.

Sgt. Justin Riling says, "The whole point behind tasing is so my guys get a feel for what its actually like so they get a better understanding of the weapon when we use non-lethal when were working the road."

Some of these officers have been tased upwards of seven to ten times and each time the outcome is still the same.

"It completely locks up your body," said Raines.  "Its called NMI which is neuro muscular incapacitation, once the probes are spread past six inches your entire body locks up you lose all muscle control and are completely incapacitated from trying to flee or run."

Wednesday's training is unique because the MP unit will not only get a shock or two they will also get sprayed with mace and shown a demonstration on the K-9 unit.

"They wont have direct response with the dog but it is likely to be released and we want our guys to have firm grasp and not taking off running," said Riling.

Learning the tricks of the trade hands on, whether its painful or not.

30 soldiers were certified this Friday. The officers say a blast from the taser gun can last up to five seconds every time you pull the trigger.