Lawmaker fined $14K for mismanaging campaign funds


by Your Alaska Link News Team

The minority leader of the Alaska House has agreed to a fine of $14,000 for mismanaging campaign funds.

Democratic Rep. Chris Tuck acknowledged mixing up campaign contributions with personal savings and not making accurate, timely disclosures.

He signed a consent agreement with the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

Reports say the agreement details a tangle of accounting problems, including a 2012 fundraiser Tuck didn't report as a contribution and a commission finding that Tuck managed campaign funds as a section of his personal banking account.

Besides the fine, Tuck must forfeit $6,000 in leftover campaign funds and correct past disclosures. The commission said Tuck took "great efforts" to address the problems once they were raised.

Tuck said the errors weren't intentional and that he wishes he had been more careful.