Local Dog Walking Business Offers your Pooch a Little More


by Whitney LB Miller

ANCHORAGE - They're furry and four legged and often referred to as mans best friend. Juli Morgan, owner of Juli's Tails and Trails, a new dog walking business claims to do more than just take rover for a stroll.

Buddy is a 7 year old American Bulldog who's seemingly full of energy. He started walking with Juli Last August after his owners realized they were working so much that they didn't’t have time to socialize him around other dogs and humans.

Buddy's owner Steve Franklin a radio DJ met Juli at a doggy daycare, where he found out she would soon start a service that would do more than just walk his dog.

"She's awesome with buddy, he fell in love with her right away and hes usually pretty shy around people," said Franklin. "There is something that Juli has, some special talent with dogs and the dogs just love her."

Many of her clients think she's so good they even believe she could be a dog whisperer.

"I talk to them on the daily, I don't know that I have any secret gift I just use compassion and patience," said Morgan. "Everyday is a new day and I'm learning something new all the time."

Juli is a professionally trained dog handler and has fostered rescue dogs for 9 years; so the idea of quitting her job and starting a business that's centered around the well being of animals was a no-brainer.
She says her secret to success is compassion.

"Compassion is really the only way to work with animals and their people," said Morgan. "I hold that true for everything that I do whether its a walk or communication."

Juli even offers a fat camp for her furry friends.

"Dog obesity is climbing and a lot of our pets are over weight," said Morgan.  "Veterinarians are trying to have people get more active with there pets."

So whether you think a personal dog walker is a luxury or a necessity, you can always count on Juli taking your best friend on a special adventure.