Longtime Anchorage Church Steps Up For Seniors

Hundreds of seniors still looking for a place.


by Mike Ford

With a beautiful campus tucked away on the hill above Lake Otis and Tudor, St. Mary's Episcopal church is planning to build 12 to 14 units that would serve as senior housing.

The portion of land set for construction is west of where the church stands presently on an empty lot used for overflow parking.

The goal is to provide congregate living that would still offer a feeling of independence during a time in life when choices may be slipping away."This is happening at a time in life that has some of its greatest blessings all the acquired wisdom and experience of years of living"
stated Senior Pastor Michael Burke.

Seniors will live in private apartments with their own kitchens but they will share common living rooms to promote social interaction. The facility will be staffed on a twenty four hour basis.

Church members realize this is just a small piece in the overall puzzle that has become housing in Anchorage, but perhaps the move will encourage other faith based organizations to follow suit.

According to Pastor Burke this is what his congregation is all about. "To take this into the actual physical living place is really sort of the next logical step of what we at St. Mary's have been living and striving to live out for the last fifty years"