Mat Su Valley cuts ribbon for Alaska's first energy efficient industry building


by Pearl-Grace Rasmussen

 PALMER, AK-- Recycling as a part of a daily life and Valley Community for Recycling Solutions's  ew building includes solar panels and a wind terbine.

Wednesday VCRS had their ribbon cutting celebration, adding a drive through garage to handle heavy traffic and a baylor coveyer belt for quick processing.
"We will be constantly dealing with changes because that's the norm," said Executive Director Mollie Boie. "We are doing as much  as we can to stay ahead of the curg and do what we can."
Recycling is a huge event out here in the valley.
This new drive through center makes it a lot easier, and recycling one bottle can impact an entire community.
"It's one voice. One voice can make a difference and then joining together it can make a difference."