Nenana Ice Classic clock ticking down to breakup


by Your Alaska Link News Team

Organizers of the Nenana Ice Classic hooked up the clock Monday that will determine this year's winner in Alaska's largest guessing game.

Thousands of Alaskans have bought tickets, guessing the exact date and time the Tanana River ice will break up in Nenana. The winner will claim a jackpot of about $300,000.

Reports say the clock is connected by cable to a wooden tripod anchored in the Tanana River ice about 300 feet from shore. When the ice breaks up and the tripod moves or falls, the cable tightens and stops the clock.

Last year, the ice went out at 2:41 p.m. on May 20, the latest breakup in the history of the 98-year-old event. A couple from Kenai won more than $318,000.