Prisoner sentenced for corrections officer assault


by Your Alaska Link News Team

A 27-year-old man serving a 199-year sentence for a double homicide has been sentenced to 19 more years for assaulting a corrections officer.

James Coven was sentenced Thursday.

Coven on Sept. 5, 2012, asked to make a phone call. Officer Sean Winslow instead ordered Coven back to his cell at Anchorage Correctional Complex East.

Coven punched Winslow in the head, which knocked the officer to the floor, and repeatedly kicked him.

Winslow suffered a fractured nose, broken teeth and a concussion.

Coven in January was convicted of two counts of felony assault.

Prosecutors in a release say Superior Court Judge Sen Tan rejected a lesser sentence recommended by Coven's attorney. Judge Tan said the sentence was necessary to deter other prisoners from assaulting correctional officers.