Troopers respond to report of dead pets, find none


by Your Alaska Link News Team

Social media reports of skinned house pets dumped in Fairbanks trash bins sent Alaska State Troopers to investigate but officers found nothing illegal.

Reports say troopers found carcasses of a wolf and a caribou at one dump site but nothing connected to domestic animals.

Troopers investigated after reports on a classified advertisements website said skinned carcasses had been seen at a Fairbanks North Star Borough solid waste transfer station. The stations around the borough allow residents to dump garbage into large metal bins that are trucked to the Fairbanks landfill.

Troopers received no eyewitness accounts of skinned pets but responded to the postings.

Trooper spokeswoman Beth Ipsen says carcasses of legally trapped animals such as fox or ermine could have been mistaken for pet carcasses.