Two Planes Have Near Miss Over Fire Island

Special NTSB air traffic investigator will look at data


by Mike Ford

The National Transportation Safety Board is reporting a "near miss" between an Alaska Airlines passenger jet and a cargo plane over Anchorage's Fire Island south of the city's main airport.

Agency spokesman Clint Johnson says the Alaska Airlines flight inbound from Portland, Ore., was starting to land at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport just after 3 p.m. Tuesday when air traffic controllers gave instructions for a "go-around."

The order was given to avoid an Ace Air Cargo Beechcraft 1900 prop-jet taking off for Sand Point from the airport's north-south runway.

Johnson says the passenger jet veered right and the cargo plane turned in the same direction. The aircraft passed within a quarter-mile of each other at the same elevation.

The Alaska Airlines jet, Flight 135, landed safely.

The NTSB is assigning an air traffic control specialist to the investigation in Washington D.C."He's going to be reviewing radar data, he's going to be reviewing the conversations between the two pilots, the two flight crews and air traffic control and also looking at policies and procedures to look and document the circumstances that led up to this incident" Johnson said.