Valley Fire Station Gets New Truck

Reaching new heights in fire protection


by Mike Ford

The West Lakes Fire Department now has a platform truck thanks to oil giant British Petroleum. BP donated the older, but well-maintained rig to the rural fire department.

With the cost of a new platform fire truck at more than $1 million, the donation is a welcome one. “It could potentially lower our home insurance rates." said local fire chief Bill Gamble

The truck has been keeping structures on the North Slope safe for more than 27 years including helping fight a major drill rig fire in 2001,
Gamble said it will be valuable for suppressing fire on large structures such as the nearby Three Bears grocery store.

The only expense to the Fire Department was the shipping and transportation charge, just under $3,500, which Sourdough Express provided at cost, according to Gamble.

There are five fire stations now in the West Lakes Fire Service Area.