Witness: metallic sound came from murder scene


by Your Alaska Link News Team

A Coast Guard civilian employee says he was walking past a Kodiak communications station two years ago and heard a loud metal clang as he passed an antenna maintenance shop.

Federal prosecutors contend Allen Rudat heard a shot fired by 62-year-old James Wells, who is charged with murder in the deaths of co-workers Richard Belisle (BEL'-eye-ul) and Petty Officer First Class James Hopkins.

Rudat testified Thursday as prosecutors methodically called witnesses to establish the time line of the deaths after the men arrived at work shortly after 7 a.m. April 12, 2012.

Rudat was on a two-week assignment from Alabama and had decided to go on an hour-long walk that morning.

He says the sound from the maintenance building sounded like a steel metal grate dropped on concrete.