Another Banner Year at Dimond High


by Jake Ryle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--Friday began as any other typical day would at Dimond High School in South Anchorage.

But when the bells rang at 1 p.m. to dismiss students for a pep-rally, all bets were off.

"Today is a special day at Dimond High School," Dimond High head volleyball coach Kim Lauwers added, "We're recognizing our very own Leah Swiss for being a Gatorade Player of the Year, and we're also unveiling the 1973 state volleyball banner."

Of all the banners that hang inside of the Dimond gymnasium--one was forgotten. Dimond High Activities Principal, Tim Helvey, says it was all a matter of digging through the history books.

"We have a wonderful historian who would look back at all the state championships that Dimond had," Tim Helvey,  "and realized that the 1973 banner was never put up there."

A member of the 1973 volleyball team accepted the banner, which will be hung at a later date.

As for Swiss--she's only a junior, and she's won a state title and a Gatorade Player of the Year. Her attitude is simply just looking forward to the future.

"We didn't go undefeated this past season. That's always something to strive for next year."

So far this year, Dimond will hang up banners for flag football, riflery, swimming and diving, and volleyball.

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