Breaking Down the Soccer South-Side Rivalry; West Baseball Preview


by Jake Ryle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--This week in Alaska sports has been quite literally a "dead week". High school students aren't in competition mode due to state standardized testing; however, that doesn't mean teams can't prepare for the heart of the season with spring practices.

The South Lady Wolverines seem to have a target on their back as they've won back-to-back state championships. The Service Lady Cougars had a taste of the state tournament last year--ultimately finishing 4th in Alaska.

Moving on to baseball--the West High Eagles squad was hard at work inside the Dome Training Facility in West Anchorage on Tuesday. This year's team is led by Jacob Hilowitz and Ted Kelly.

If you'd like to follow these players via Twitter on their journey through this year's season:

Jacob Hilowitz:  @stacheflowsnarl
Ted Kelly:  @TK_allDay13
Morgan Hooe:  @MorganHooe7
Callie Orizotti:  @CallieOrizotti
Service High Soccer Team:  @SHS_WSOC
West High Baseball Team:  @WestBaseballAK