East & West Keeping Composure After Week 1 Defeat


by Jake Ryle

 ANCHORAGE, Alaska--It's back to football practice as usual at East High School. That, even after a lobsided 65-6 match against South in their regular season opener.

Head Coach Jeff Trotter said he believes his team is fully prepared, and really has the potential to get back onto solid ground.

"I've said it all along--football isn't a sprint. It's a marathon," He added, "It's not about where you start, but how you finish."

And how the Thunderbirds finished one season ago could give the team a splash of hope heading into Week twp. East won four of their final six contests in 2012 to make a late dash to the playoffs.

Across Northern Lights Boulevard, the West High Eagles are coming off a disappointing 10 point loss at the hands of Wasilla.

The Warriors' main threat came not from an offensive player (although, he did score a touchdown), but Cash McGregor picked off five passes on the day. Of his five interceptions, McGregor caught two of which inside the West High red-zone. For West Head Coach Tim Davis, that marks what the team will focus on this week.

"I told the guys, we've been practicing our reps in the red-zone," Davis said, "Wasilla played the better game."

West will head out to Chugiak High School to battle the #5 ranked Mustangs on Friday night.